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Salem, Oregon - 1992

The client for this house in Oregon’s capital city was an orthopedic surgeon and his wife. Their request was for an “expressive” barrier-free home, sited to take advantage of the beautiful view of the valley below their property. Natural light was desirable for every room. The house is set along the brow of a low hill overlooking the valley. The view can be seen throughout the house. Careful planning and orientation provide each interior space with natural light from at least two directions. The clients were active in the local hospice program and wanted the ability to open their home to patients. In response to this requirement the design is on one level, and the plan is conceived as a series of interlocking circular forms for barrier-free circulation throughout the house. These interconnecting spaces create a continual sense of anticipation for each of the spaces just beyond, as one moves from room to room. The client seem quite happy with the result indicating that “this is what (they) were dreaming of, but could not explain to anyone.”