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Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan - 2017

In Obihiro, Japan, Oshatz completed a 2017 addition to the Miyasaka Residence, The Miyasaka Residence was completed in 1998, and the new addition is intended as a separate pavilion for entertaining guests and includes a dedicated kitchen and a long dining room under a curved glue-lam roof. The addition fits into the radial plan of the original residence and adopts the same approach to materiality. Like the Miyasaka Residence, many components were fabricated in the United States and shipped to Japan. The curved glue-lam beams were fabricated in Portland Oregon, as was the cabinetry and custom made furniture which heatures decorative inlays that are repeated through the design. The structure provides a beautiful dining space, with rich materials and textures, while blending with the lush landscaping surrounding the house.